Sun Bears by Jimmy Wright Matted

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Total Dimensions : 14" x 11”

Image Dimensions; 8" x 6"

When Jimmy Wright started at Berkeley in 1959, he wasn’t sure if he was going to major in decorative art or nuclear physics. He left five years later with a Masters in Economics and spent seven years in the San Francisco business community.

In 1971, Jimmy headed north to British Columbia and started chasing steelhead trout and taking photographs. He stayed alive with the camera for fifteen years and started painting seriously around 1990.

¨I tend to keep things more simple and try to paint stuff that people feel good about hanging in their homes.¨ ¨My style is loose, sort of halfway between Robert Bateman and a cavemen.¨ Both his attitude and his drawing ability account for a primitive and whimsical touch to his paintings. He enjoys painting creatures and loose landscapes. Jimmy also likes to work with colour in an abstract  environment. 

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