Small Bentwood Box - Wolf

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Wolf The "Protector"

Wolves are the guardians of their families. They embody unconditinal support, safety and togetherness.

Material: Cedar Wood, Paua Shell

Dimensions: Width: 3.5" Height: 3.5" Depth: 2.5"

Artist: Ray Natroaro (Khaapulk, Sessiiyam)

Ray Natroaro is a Coast Salish Artist from the Squamish Nation. He is celebrated for his work in mask carving as well as the carving of large sea-going canoes, a tradition passed down many generations in Ray's family.


In British Columbia, First Nations Peoples used unique, and beautifully adorned traditional containers to store our most precious of possessions. These containers are commonly known as “Bentwood Boxes”. Aside from their decor, one of the aspects distinguishing the Bentwood Box from other wooden boxes lies in its construction. The body of the container is constructed using only a single piece of West Coast cedar!

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