Love by Frank Polson Limited Edition Framed

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Edition Size : 495

Dimensions: 13” x 16.5” (excluding frame)

Frame Color : Black

Printed on 310gsm fine art paper. Printed with UV resistant inks.

The artist or copyright holder has been paid a royalty for the sale of this product.

Printed & made in Canada.

Cultural Background: Algonquin, Long Point First Nations, QC

A Native North American Algonquin, born in Ville-Marie, Quebec in 1952, Frank Polson is a member of the Long Point First Nation (Northwestern Quebec).

Frank is a self-taught artist who produces works of unique beauty, which is relevant to today and in accordance with his heritage. For the last four years he has worked at developing his unique style in the medium of acrylics. He has rekindled his fond memories of many pleasurable and educational seasons, spent on the trap lines with his father and has tried to capture those wonderful memories on canvas among the glorious sunsets and the sounds and feelings of the wilderness' days and nights. The sound of the “Great Northern Diver” and the cry of the “Timber Wolf” seem to haunt his vision of the beautiful Quebec Northwest.

Frank credits the Elders for helping him find and maintain balance in his life, to overcome his problems and conflicts and to live with and finally defeat the frustration that followed him for so many years. He finally knows that he can stop running and that he has nothing to prove to the world.

“Painting makes me feel like I’m doing something for myself.”

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