High Hoop Wedding Vase by Veran Pardeahtan Blue - HHWV3

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  • Artist: Veran Pardeahtan
  • Community: Apache
  • Material: Alberta Clay and North American Glaze
  • Dimensions: Height: 10" - Width: 4.5"

*Dishwasher safe

Traditionally, the Wedding Vase is made, or commissioned, for the engaged couple. During the wedding ceremony the vase is filled with holy water or herbal tea. Both the future bride and groom drink from the vase, individually and at the same time, as a symbol of their commitment and union. If the couple drink from the vase at the same time, and do not spill a single drop, then good understanding and a cooperative spirit will always be a part of their marriage. The vase is treasured and protected throughout their married life as it is a symbol of commitment to one another.

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