Something to Say by Lee Claremont Card

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Cultural Background: Mohawk and Irish ancestry, Woodstock, ON.

Lee is a member of the Six Nations, Oshweken, Ontario but now resides in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. Lee continues to keep her strong commitment to the ongoing concept of education and teaches at the En’Owkin Center, an international aboriginal college. She has led many workshops and enjoys sharing her knowledge and love of art with others.

Lee’s work is very contemporary but addresses thousands of years of spiritual beliefs and dreamtime visions. Her bold’ vibrant paintings reflect her love of colors and its healing powers. ‘Each painting becomes an incredible journey. I believe there are two worlds, the physical and the spiritual, and there is a very thin veil between them. when i am painting, I drift into the spiritual place of creativity and it is there where the imagines and colors are revealed to me. I become an instrument of that spirit world each time I pick up a brush and each time I choose a color. When I start my journey, I am always curious and excited to see where it will take me and the outcome is always a great mystery to me.”

Lee’s work can be found in many permanent, corporate and private collections throughout the world. She exhibits her paintings locally, nationally and internationally and her work has been published in various magazines, articles and books. She has received numerous awards and recognition for her paintings.

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